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Creating an online store

The volume of the e-commerce market in Ukraine is over $ 5 billion. Open your online store and start making money!
Tech. assignment Creating a detailed technical requirments

The client provides or jointly compiles a detailed TR on the creation of an online store. Based on the TR points, the final cost of developing the site is displayed.

Design and layout Design development and layout

The design of the online store is drawn taking into account the wishes of the customer and the terms of reference. After the approval of the design, its "pull on the engine" (layout) took place.

Development Creating a functional part of the online store

At this stage, the necessary modules of the online store are created. The site is turning into a fully functional product, ready for content and sales.

Creation, development of an online store

Creation of an online store of a new format

Saying yes to an online business means keeping up with the times. But today is not enough. Successful is one who is ahead of time. Many companies still spend months of waiting and thousands of dollars on creating an online store in Kiev. As long as your competitors follow the standard path, you have an alternative - the «Easy3a» engine. If you are a beginner in Internet commerce or already an experienced entrepreneur with your own dealer network, we will find for you an interesting and relevant offer.

Development of a selling online store in Ukraine for any business

Even the most popular e-commerce sites set severe restrictions for novice businessmen: a limited number of products, additional paid options, and a primitive design. This start of business casts doubt on the whole idea of ​​online trading. The development of an online store in Ukraine based on «Easy3a» is available to everyone who wants to try their hand at sales.

5 advantages provided by the manufacture of store sites on «Easy3a»:

  1. Simple admin panel. No more complicated, and no less interesting than your profile on social networks.
  2. All necessary elements: catalog, shopping cart, live search, information pages.
  3. Stylish design templates that can be improved.
  4. Affordable and professional advice on creating and promoting your online shop.
  5. The cost is $400. This is not an annual monthly fee, as at many sites, but the price of your personal store, which will remain in your use even after a year.

Creating a unique turnkey online store from «Shopmakers»

Even for those who have nothing to surprise, our team has prepared worthy solutions for organizing online sales.

Creating a turnkey online store from «Shopmakers» is your advantage over your competitors:

  • Work on the osCommerce platform with open source and functionality for any needs from communication with 1C to integration with any payment systems.
  • Using a platform that is trusted by more than 140 thousand users in the world, and which has been improved in accordance with modern trends in online trading in the CIS.
  • You can choose your own online store, choose your own, as a designer, on the basis of a pre-owned functional.

More than 10 years of work of our team is not only a portfolio that we are proud of, but also conclusions that help us improve. Our customers value not only their money, but also time. That is why we have made the platform as simple as possible and if you have any questions, we are ready to provide clear and practical answers.

Order your store website and get more than you expect

If you still choose where to order a website store, you should pay attention to the principle of the developers. We do not end cooperation after payment, but continue to support our customers. Promotion, promotion of online stores is another important stage on the path to a successful business. And then you do not have to spend time looking for a company. You can order a service from us. Promotion is carried out according to an understandable, but working at 100% algorithm:

  • We study your competitors,
  • We analyze the structure of the site,
  • We select relevant keywords,
  • We carry out internal optimization,
  • We increase the reference mass,
  • We monitor the state and maintain the site,
  • We set up contextual advertising

Affordable support, willingness to help customers and the reasonable cost of creating an online store are the main advantages of «Shopmakers. Only $400 is enough to get a full-fledged, ready-to-work and optimized website.

5 more reasons to make an online store in Ukraine with «Shopmakers»

It has never been so easy to make an online store. More than 180 companies in Ukraine have chosen our team. And that's why:

  1. The presence of a template that will replace you with complex communication with designers.
  2. Simple setup for which no special programming knowledge is needed.
  3. Wide functionality of the administrative part, which will allow you to conduct business confidently and effectively.
  4. A full-fledged client part that provides your customers with more than they expect from a regular online store.
  5. Affordable prices for the development of online stores that you can independently create, remove unnecessary or add useful functionality.

Internet commerce in Ukraine is developing, creating new trends and opportunities. Our experts take into account all the new products, analyze foreign experience, generate new ideas. We are constantly updating and improving our product.

Find out how much an online store costs by simply selecting the necessary site features. Get ahead of your time and competitors with «Shopmakers» and «Easy3a»!

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