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Promotion of an online store

We not only create shops, but also make them profitable.

Why do you need promotion

Creating a website is only half the battle on the way to the ultimate goal - making a stable profit, attracting a flow of visitors or increasing brand awareness. Even the highest quality site may remain unknown if you do not deal with its optimization and promotion in search engines. Moreover, the site promotion should be constant, because competitors are not asleep and are constantly looking for ways to get around you.

For more than 13 years we have been creating and promoting websites of various directions and topics. The accumulated experience allows us to guarantee our customers TOP positions in search engines and, as a result, an influx of visitors with an increase in the number of sales.

Having ordered website promotion from us, you can be sure that:

  • your site will be occupied by true professionals,
  • each dollar will be spent with maximum benefit and benefit for you,
  • your business will reach a new level.

Website promotion in search engines (from 10000 UAH/month)

Website promotion is a mandatory stage in the life of every Internet resource. This is a set of works aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines.

Now many companies order website promotion, and there is a real struggle for high positions in search engines. This means that the promotion of your site and its search engine optimization should be constant and improved, going to a new level, thereby allowing your resource to hold places in the TOP.


What items does website promotion include?

  • Studying competitors, their promotion methods
  • Analysis of the structure of the site, texts, code
  • Compilation of the semantic core of the site (selection of keywords)
  • Website optimization work (writing texts, html-code optimization, linking, etc.)
  • Analysis and building external link mass
  • Monitoring site statistics and positions

Promotion cost is determined individually for each client. There are several reasons for this: different topics, a different number of requests for promotion, the age of the site, etc.

As for the terms of website promotion, this is usually 6-7 months for medium-frequency queries and from 13 months - for highly competitive. Low-frequency queries can get into the TOP after 3 months of website promotion.

Website Promotion Benefits

A good conversion form visitors to buyers. People who get to your site through search engines purposefully look for something. They want to buy a product or order a service. According to experience, visitors from search engines make more sales than visitors to the site from other sources.

Profitability. The cost of attracting the target visitor and customer using search promotion is the lowest. Therefore, in the long run, the return on search engine promotion will be greater than, for example, on contextual advertising.

Improving trust. Website promotion positively affects the image of the company and increases confidence in it. Potential customers believe that if the site takes one of the first positions in the search results, then it is one of the market leaders.

Cons website promotion

For highly competitive topics, the goal to reach the TOP requires large financial and time costs.

Contextual advertising in Google AdWords, Yandex Direct - from 10000 UAH/month

Contextual Advertising is a quick and effective way to start an advertising campaign on the Internet. Immediately after launch, you get a guaranteed influx of targeted visitors to your site, calls and sales appear.

In our work with contextual advertising on the Internet, we use two main tools - Google AdWords and Yandex Direct. Our responsibilities include the preparation of advertisements, which can be seen next to the search results of Google, Yandex, the selection of keywords/phrases, cost estimation and constant monitoring of the advertising campaign.

How does it work? A person enters the name of your service/product into a search engine. Then he sees the results of the request - ten links to different resources. But the first thing that is visible is your advertisement, which offers exactly what it is looking for. And the sponsored link leads to your resource.

The advantages of contextual advertising are

  • you pay only for the visitor who came to the site with an advertisement;
  • immediate result after the start of the campaign (the results of search engine promotion need to wait half an hour for 3-4 months);
  • request accuracy i.e. high probability of customer arrival;
  • you spend as much as you want.

Cons of contextual advertising

On certain topics, advertising can be quite expensive, less user confidence.

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