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Online shopping - on the flow!

The Shopmakers team is the people who want to help you create or take your online business to the next level.
We have been in business for 12 years and have created more than 180 online stores and directories during this time. Of these, more than half are for 2015-2021!

During this time, we have assembled a team of professionals who make stores quickly and efficiently, and in addition - will be able to redesign the functionality of the site in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

We make all the sites on a modified Oscommerce called EASY3a (more).

Our office is located in Ukraine, Kyiv. So, if you are from Kiev, we are always glad to welcome you to our office. And if you are from another city or country, this is not a problem - we have many clients we have never met, and this has not affected the results of the collaboration in any way.

We made
180 projects

Customer's feedback

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Andriy Shost

We had a website ready, but we didn't know what to do with it. It does not matter how and where to promote it further. Acquaintances advised guys from Shopmakers. Met with them, set goals and started collaborating. A couple of months later, the first calls and sales from the site took place. Next was a long and painstaking job of making information, refining the functional part of the site and bringing it to the forefront in Google, Yandex. We work with Shopmakers to this day. They help us, give advice, give advice. I would like to say that working on a site is a continuous process in which you need to know and be able to do a great deal; we are glad to find reliable partners in the field of Internet technologies.

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Oleksandra Yavorivska

I knew what my online store should be like, I had the money to build it and I was sure that success was a matter of weeks! .. It's been six months now, the shop has been in sketches, I'm in disputes - "I do not like it, recycle" - "it will cost extra money", "and where is the" basket "of my online store ?!" - "basket ?! "," when will I see the store ready? It's been 5 months, you promised to make it in 1! " - "The manager who worked for you got fired. Tell us how you see your store?" ...... This is only part of the story. My story about meeting the Shopmakers team. Then it was different. For a month (only a month!), While my online store was being built, I couldn't help but think - it's too good to be true). But the truth was this - the price for each functional item was clearly and transparently stated; listen to me carefully and patiently) rather than trying to tell with my puffy cheeks how difficult it is to create what I want; the first layout in a week; my wishes and adjustments are made easily and quickly; exactly in time, without "etomidodelaemvprotses" my online store, such as I wanted it, appears online! And last but not least - after the money has been paid and no one else is to blame, I am still patiently listened to and answered all my questions about the site! I hope my vote in favor of the shopmakers team will save someone from my mistakes!

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Met the guys from Shopmakers back in 2007. It was supposed to be a simple online shop selling auto electronics. They coped with the task in time and proved themselves to be responsible professionals in their field. So we decided to work with them on a permanent basis. As time went on, the business grew slowly, very often there were Internet ideas, improvements, improvements to the site, which brought to life the team Shopmakers. They have created a couple of interesting projects for us. I want to say thank you guys for their work. We always recommend them to your friends, but not your competitors! :).